How to Add Free Tracfone Minutes on Your Cell Phone

Do you want to experience the freedom of unlimited minutes and minutes refill with Tracfone! You are in the right place. Tracfone is one of the leading cellphone companies that provide cheap and reliable cellphones to its customers. It also provides services like text, data, and minutes at a low and affordable cost. Our main interest in this page is Tracfone minutes. So, how does it provide call minutes? This is possible through airtime cards that vary in prices, texts, and call minutes.

Note that, your services are active with Tracfone on the condition that you have airtime units left. To add your minutes to Tracfone, you need to enter the exact PIN number on your airtime card or call their customer care services for assistance. Once you feed your card, you get the number of call minutes as indicated on your card.

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How Can I Get free Tracfone Minutes?

Free Tracfone Minutes

Tracfone has several ways to give out free minutes to customers as a way of promoting their products and services. For instance:

1. Triple minutes for life

This was one of the most effective ways to get long and free call minutes with Tracfone. How does it work? When you purchase Tracfone triple device, you get triple minute promotional features once you activate your airtime. That means you get thrice the number of free minutes with Tracfone.

2. Bringing your old number to Tracfone

When you port your old number from the previous carrier to Tracfone wireless, you are awarded 100 free call minutes.

3. Phone activation

This is another effective way of getting free 20 minutes with Tracfone. However, the number of minutes given is limited and mostly used to ensure your phone is working properly.

4. Tracfone promo codes for free minutes

Tracfone gives out promo codes whenever you purchase airtime. These codes help you win free minutes depending on the value of your airtime card. They are always found on your airtime card and might or might not work depending on luck.

5. Tracfone upgrading services.

Anytime you upgrade your phone to a newer advanced phone, you are credited 10 call minutes bonus and an extension of 60 days to the expiry date.

How to Add Minutes to Tracfone?

How does a tracfone work for adding minutes, it’s simple as purchasing airtime card, feed your card’s pin number on your phone and press okay.

  • You can also add minutes by visiting Tracfone’s official website
  • On your home page, click the ‘refill’ box.
  • Airtime refill menu will appear, allowing you to choose “pay as you go” or “monthly value plan”.
  • Add your selected plan to the cart and pay to top up your minutes.

Can You Purchase Tracfone Minutes Online

This is another frequently asked question. Buy Tracfone minutes online. In the current world, almost everything is done online. Why would Tracfone be left behind?  Yes, you can acquire several Tracfone services online including call minutes. In fact, online purchase is the quickest and most efficient way. All you need to do is;

– visit their site or get Tracfone app on your phone, click “shop plans” select your best minute plan, add to cart and purchase.

Can You Transfer Tracfone Minutes to Another Tracfone?

Yes! You can definitely transfer Tracfone minutes to another Tracfone. I mean, if you are an existing TracFone customer that needs to upgrade your phone, you can transfer the remaining minutes to your upgraded phone through their online platforms or call customer care services for guidance.

Can you text for free on Tracfone?

To get free text messages from Tracfone, try the following ways:

1. Activate a new Tracfone phone.

Similar to call minutes, you get free text services every time you purchase and activate your Tracfone device. All you need to do is;

  • Visit the TracFone site and click ‘activate’ on your home page.
  • Feed-in your device’s serial number found on a red activation card.
  • Read understand agree to terms and conditions.
  • Select your preferred phone, add to cart to purchase.
  • Acquire free text messages after successful activation.

2. Phone Upgrade.

You also get free text messages when you upgrade your older phone to the more advanced cellphone.

How many minutes is a text on Tracfone?

The amount of call minutes consumed after a text depends on your phone and the value of the prepaid cards. To send a text message to non-android phone costs you 0.3 minutes on Tracfone while sending a text to a smart or android phone costs 1 minute.

What is the difference between airtime and minutes?

Airtime and minutes are two different things.  However, one depends on the other.  Mobile airtime is overall time spend on your device either through call minutes, texts or data. To get mobile airtime, you have to pay through airtime cards or other online payment options available.

Minutes, on the other hand, are part of airtime. These are the number of call minutes provided on your phone to communicate with someone.

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Bottom line

Tracfone is one of the leading cellphone companies that provide sufficient or unlimited call minutes under different plans and prices. As seen, acquiring Tracfone minutes is a simple process.  In case of a problem, you can seek customer care help through online chats available on their official website This chat is available every day from 8 AM to 11.45 pm EST.  You can also call them through the number 1-800-867-7183 at the exact time stated above for more guidance