How to Get Free Cell Phone Service without WiFi in 2023

We are living in the age of internet and we don’t think a single day without internet. Internet is not confined at home but we feel the need and use internet wherever we stay and go. But the issue is getting free cell phone service and using internet without Wi-Fi. Free cell phone service without Wi-Fi is really a great deal to save money because you are not connected to Wi-Fi. So you should know how to get free Wi-Fi on your phone easily. You can use it so easily with the help of some techniques and we are going to discuss it.

Best ways to Get Free Cell Phone Service without WiFi

Surely there are so many options to get free cell phone service without having any Wi-Fi connection. This helps you use free cell phone service and other facilities as well. Additionally,  you can check out another helpful article for getting free SIM card with free service. We’ve also information about how to get free SIM card with a free service that is related to free cell phone service.

Free calls service without Wi-Fi

Free call service without using Wi-Fi is an excellent and smart plan to reduce the dependency on Wi-Fi. Rather it saves money on your voice call and internet usage. The smartphone should be designed with apps to serve this free call service. So you need to install free calls without Wi-Fi apps which means the smartphone users can convert their smartphone with internet to direct line to make free calls.

Free Cell Phone Service without WiFi

This app lets smartphone users make unlimited phone calls to local and international numbers. Additionally, the phone number or duration is also available to see through this system.

Anyone can use this process easily as it is easy to use where you can use the same system like number pad, call, and incoming calling history. In case you have strong and high-speed internet connection such as Wi-Fi, this phone service is much more smooth and excellent.

Google Voice call without Wi-Fi

When you have a Wi-Fi connection, everything is on your hand. But the thing is you don’t have any Wi-Fi connection but you want to get free cell phone service. Part of this cell phone service, Google voice is another service that you may choose.

Firstly you should install an app which Google Voice for android at free of cost from Google play store and there are some instruction that you should follow. After that, you have to set up this so you need to set up your Google voice VoIP phone after installing the app. There are some steps which are

  • You have to select linked numbers and delete the linked number connected to your phone number
  • Then you have the option to tap, make and receive a call but you may go on mobile data.
  • At last you can choose incoming calls and always you have to choose the phone installed the Google voice app.

Some plans to get free cell phone service

Now it is the issue of getting an internet connection because your free cell phone service will be working when you have an internet connection. So how to get internet

How to get free internet on android

When you are going to use apps to get free cell phone service, you must need internet connection. As there is no option to use Wi-Fi, so there are some easy ways to get free internet without Wi-Fi.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder for free Wi-Fi on your phone

It is one of the smart ways to get free internet on your android to make sure you are going to use a free cell phone service on your phone. It is a free Wi-Fi finder app for iPhone and Avast. This is the app that lets you use free Wi-Fi on your phone. When you start the app, you will find some hotspot close to you and you have to submit your logging information and go on free internet on your phone.

Wifi Xfinity Password and free Wi-Fi access

It is one of the useful apps to get free internet. In case you are on the way to an unknown Wi-Fi spot, this app will help you get the connection. After installing this app you have to type the name of the city and after downloading this app, you can use free internet in your city.

Final Verdict

It goes without saying that the internet is everything to get free cell phone service. There are a lot of options to get free cell phone service and you can make calls to your dear one and international calls. So this is the smart option to save your money as you make calls freely.

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