How To Clean Cache Files Instantly With Phone Cleaner App?


You must be tired of your Android device cluttering up every now and then. And not to forget it comes with a price – lagging speed, slow performance, and unexpected freezes, out of storage space issues (the list of grievance is never ending!).

Here is a question you need to ask. What can you do about it? You need to get rid of hidden junk data and cached files that serve no purpose and keep your device organized.

Clean Cache Files Instantly

Clean Cache Files Instantly
Clean Cache Files Instantly

How do you do that? No worries, we have got you covered! Here are a few tips on how to keep your device cache-free and running as good as new.

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Tips to keep your device cache-free

  1. Do not load your Android phone with unwanted apps

Apart from creating junk, active apps also use up a lot of system resource. Therefore, make sure to carry only those apps that you really need. Note that if you bought your phone through a carrier, it must have been pre-loaded with various apps that you don’t even need. Make sure to churn them out and remove them.

  1. Prevent pre-installed apps from launching in the background

To disable pre-installed apps, you need to remove them from your phone. One of the conventional technique is to root your device.

Note: Rooting voids warranty, therefore, we suggest safer options. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2: Scroll the options and tap on Apps or Application Manager.

Step 3: Tap All Apps to access the list of all apps installed on your phone.

Step 4:  Select the app you do not use and want to uninstall. You will find two options: Uninstall/Disable and Force Stop. Uninstall means that the app is not pre-loaded and can be removed from your device.

In case of a pre-loaded app, you will find the Disable button. Tapping on it will stop the app from launching in the background.

You can also find out the apps consuming most space from the Settings itself. Go to Settings —– > Storage —– > Apps or Applications. You will get the list of apps in order of their size. Scan it carefully and delete the ones you do not use or don’t even remember downloading.

  1. Delete cache files with a phone cleaner app

Your Android device is bound to create junk files and cached data whether you like it or not and there is nothing much that you can do about it. But the good news is there are ways to get rid of useless data, make more storage space and optimize performance.

You can do it manually from the Settings —– > Apps or Applications —– > All or Installed —– > Select the app —– > Clear cache —– > Repeat.

But it can get tiresome. Now, let’s talk about convenience. Get yourself a phone cleaner app for your Android device.

ITL Phone Cleaner is an all-in-one app for delete memory cache and junk files from your phone. It is one of the leading and popular phone cleaner app on the Play Store that boasts of wonderful reviews from users across the globe.

ITL Phone Cleaner keeps the load off when it comes to cleaning cached data on a regular basis. One of the key features is the Junk Cleaner. It cleans residual system caches and application cache left behind by uninstalled apps to free up your device space. You can also remove APK files and empty folders intelligently and with accuracy.

There is also an anti-virus protection feature to prevent the virus or malware-infected apps from affecting your phone and stealing your personal data.

ITL Phone Cleaner Offer Cleaning Under Three Distinct Modules:

  • Junk Cleaner: As a powerful cleaning module it helps you clean junk files, app cache, system cache, empty folder and other residual files. It helps you keep your phone clean and free up your valuable storage space.
  • Duplicate Photos Cleaner: This module is for keeping your gallery tidy. Thanks to our smartphone at hand, we end up clicking hundreds of photos to get the perfect shot, and then forget about the other useless shots occupying our space. Duplicate Photos Cleaner helps you identify similar and duplicate photos and offers the option to delete them.
  • Social Cleaner: As the name suggests, a social cleaner will go through sent and received files on various social media apps and offer you options to delete the unnecessary ones. ‘Coz you need to clean them periodically more speed and better performance.

ITL Phone Cleaner has other features to offer as well. Let’s take a quick tour:

  • Extend your battery like with battery saver. It fixes power consumption issues and terminates apps from running in the background.
  • Boost your Android’s performance with phone booster. It lets you optimize CPU, RAM, clean cache, uninstall unnecessary apps.
  • Monitor the cause of overheating with CPU Cooler. It keeps your CPU under controlled temperature and accelerates processing speed.
  • Protect your data from harm in real-time with built-in antivirus and malware scanner. It scans new app and keeps your device safe.
  • Boost your gaming speed with game booster. It places your game on priority so that you are able to play without any lags and freezes.
  1. Keep your device well organized

Keeping your device organized comes with obvious advantages. You can access things faster and find out apps you do not need. Also, consider using the cloud. Keep only those files in your phone that you need offline. This will get you more space.

  1. Use recovery for advanced clearing

Before considering this technique, let’s make it clear that this is an advanced procedure and if not handled carefully, it may damage your device. We recommend you to proceed only if you are well aware of how to root an android device.

Step 1: Turn off your Android phone.

Step 2: Now press the volume down button and the power button both at the same time and wait for the phone to vibrate. Android system recovery screen appears.

Step 3: Press the volume down button to navigate to the view recovery mode.

Step 4: Now, restart your phone into recovery mode by pressing the power button.

Step 5: Go to Wipe cache partition to clear cache data on your phone. It may take 4-5 minutes.

Step 6: Select Reboot system to restart the device


It won’t be misleading to conclude that the best way to clear cache instantly and conveniently is to use a phone cleaner for Android. And what could be better than the amazing ITL Phone Cleaner?  This automated app helps you to clean Android cache with one touch. It is available for free download.

Trust us on this! If your phone is unbelievably slow, ITL Phone Cleaner can help.