How to Fix the Issue of HP Printer Going into Sleep Mode Automatically?


HP printers sometimes trouble the users by going into sleep mode automatically without the involvement of the users. Sleep mode is that state of the printer where it goes into lower power state after a certain period of time when it is not in use. The printer can return back to the normal position only if some work is provided to it. A user can come to know by checking any one of the following conditions if the printer is in sleep mode:

Fix the Issue of HP Printer

Fix the Issue of HP Printer
Fix the Issue of HP Printer
  • Display of the control panel becomes dark.
  • Power light present on the printer will pulse very slowly.
  • Even if the power light becomes too dim.

How to prevent the printer from going into sleep mode automatically?

All the HP printers do not come with the sleep mode option, especially in the older models printers. However, all the new printers come with the option of sleep mode present in them. Sleep mode option cannot be disabled on any type of HP printers, rather than that the inactive time can be extended. The inactive time of the HP printer can be extended, but it should be done even before the printer enters into the sleep mode. The extending of sleep mode time is not possible on all the HP printers, but this facility is available just on few printers only.

In order to know if a particular model of the HP printer as this option or not, it is essential to refer the user guide of that printer model which is provided to the user when the device is purchased. So, it can be said that preventing sleep mode is not possible but the time can be extended.

In general, users will always get into the dilemma that whether HP printers will perform their printing job in sleep mode or not. So, the answer will be definitely yes, because sleep mode is just an inactive period but still the printer will be running and does not turn off completely. Hence, whenever a printing query is sent to the printer, then automatically the work is performed by printer returning back to its normal position from the sleep mode option.

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Why Printers Go Into Sleep Mode Option?

In general most of the HP printers that have the option of sleep mode in it will go into a sleep state at a certain period of time. In this period of time, the printer will be in standby mode without it getting turn-off completely, but in the state without doing any work, unless and until it is forced to do. It means this is an inactive time and unless a printing job or command is given, it does not come back to normal position or else the printer needs to turn off if there is no printing work is present at the moment. However, it is not possible to completely disable or prevent this option.

In an above-mentioned way, the issue of HP printer going into sleep mode automatically can be fixed by extending the inactive time which can solve the issue temporarily. However, the permanent solution to this problem is not available as it is just a state of time.

If you have any query related to your problem you can directly contact on HP Printer support phone number (+1-844- 585-4521).