Outdoor Keypad Gate Lock for Security

Today we are going to talk about a device that provides comfort and security for you and your home: the outdoor keypad gate lock. Before they were only found in hotels and companies, today, these locks are replacing traditional locks also in homes.

This is because the outdoor keypad gate lock eliminates the use of keys and also enhances security against theft. Amidst so many models with different technologies and features, we will describe all aspects of an ideal outdoor keypad gate lock for your home.

What is an outdoor keypad gate lock?

Outdoor Keypad Gate Lock for Security

The outdoor keypad gate lock is a device that, attached to the door, allows access by technological means. In general, this type of lock can work using a password and even with the help of a digital card.

Common in hotels and entrances of tenants and companies, this device reaches the door of the houses and replaces traditional locks. And the reason is simple: more security and practicality.

Since the outdoor keypad gate lock does not require the use of keys, now there is no longer a worry of forgetting the keys or the open door.

Not to mention, this type of equipment still serves to control visitor access, whether at home or in your workplace.

With the increase in violence, this device became popular, and manufacturers have increasingly invested in different models with different types of operation.

How does the outdoor keypad gate lock works?

These types of locks have a keypad mounted. For the opening, we must define codes that will give us access to this type of lock. This system is also a direct evolution of anti-theft alarms and has the advantage of not needing any object to provide access to the room.

What are the advantages of the outdoor keypad gate lock?

As we have seen, the keypad lock is the most advanced in terms of security. And it is also a useful system since it frees you from the use of the keys.

Who has never forgotten or lost the keys in that hurry? With the electronic lock, this problem disappears.

Another advantage of this digital lock is that it automatically locks the door as soon as it is closed. That is, you no longer have to worry about whether or not you shut the door when you left your home.

Other features of this equipment, present in most models, is the anti-break alarm. After several failed attempts to open the door, an alarm goes off.

Another advantage is that with the keypad lock, you can control people’s access. In companies, for example, it is even possible to release timely access passwords for employees to use only during their working hours.

Additionally, the lock is powered by long-lasting batteries, which can last up to a year.

Not to mention that today, the digital lock has become an accessory that makes up the decoration. For the most part, this outfit comes with a bold modern design.

But as with everything, there are also downsides. Installing the electronic lock, for example, requires skilled labor and the correct type of door. Another drawback is that this is a high-cost device. The more features that improve security, the more expensive the lock will be.

Below, see the main advantages and disadvantages of the digital lock:


  • No keys required
  • Automatically close the door
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Modern designer
  • It works with long battery life.


  • Installation requires skilled labor
  • High price

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Bottom Line

In short, the range of possibilities for outdoor keypad gate lock is extensive. Before you get into an investment of this type, get a whole idea. However, from here, we recommend that it should be for the comfort it provides. You must have a precise price/use/access needs. So, we hope we have helped you with this mini-guide.