5 Tips to Do SEO Image Optimization Legitimately

Yes, Google image search is something that grabs the significant exposer within the search outcomes. Experts revealed that images are returned around 19 percent of search queries on Google. No doubt when it comes to SEO strategies, you do everything to attain better outcomes for SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Bear in mind that images are indicated as the largest contributor to overall page size.

Data from HTTP Archive depicted that unoptimized images make up, on average around 75% of the total weight of web pages. This can lead to a negative impact on your website performance. Also, you need to use PNG images for your SEO as it supports lossless compression than JPG images. And, thus sometimes you require to turn JPG into PNG with the free assistance of an online JPG to PNG converter for ease. We here gathered a few tips that legitimately assist you to do SEO image optimization.

SEO Image Optimization

SEO Image Optimization

Naming images for SEO:

Bear in mind that Google search crawlers analyze image filenames. Thus, it’s crucial to provide accurate image filenames that entirely reveal its content. The most recommended image format is PNG and it works best instead of JPG. The quality of the image in PNG format remains the same even you can reduce it repeatedly, while JPG reduced. So, it’s best to turn JPG into PNG by visiting theonlineconverter.com that comes with a free JPG to PNG converter online.

However, if you have any keyword that is certainly relevant to the image, then you should include it in the filename. Well, there’s no need to account with random keywords with the hope of boosting your image ranking corresponding to image SEO. Apart from that, the Search Engine is not capable to figure out that the description is irrelevant right away, and here keyword stuffing is not just a great idea.

Diversify Your Images:

When it comes to adding images to your web pages, you need to explore the options. There’s no need to just be relegated to a single type of image. Even you don’t just have to stick with photographs. You could simply add memes, gifs, illustrations, infographics, graphs, charts, or any artwork that works best for your SEO. In the whole process of switching up the image for your SEO, don’t forget about the accuracy of representing your brand.

PNG is coming with great lossless compression, while JPG doesn’t and users are always satisfied with quality images. So, if there is a JPG image, then simply use an online JPG to PNG converter through which you can easily convert JPG to a PNG raster image file.

Create Unique Images:

The most ideal approach for a great site is to simply stay away from the stock Photos. If you are going to use photographs for your site, you ought to invest in a professional photographer or simply buy the photographs online. Maybe a 2-dollar photo leaver has a different impression than a stock photo that you just pull from somewhere random off the internet.

If your website is related to graphics, then add images in PNG as it is an ideal format and even it preserves the layout of graphics, while JPG doesn’t. Thus, normally designers account JPG to PNG converter online to change JPG to PNG and then use it on their website for SEO.

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Add Captions:

Image captions are indicated as a splendid way for serving your user and even capitalizing on keyword rankings. Yes, they entirely provide context to your audience and also assist them to understand your image context. Once the keyword research is completed and you implemented them into your written content, then it’s time to add more keywords in your image captions for an extra SEO boost.

No matter whether you add captions or any other parameter regarding image SEO, the PNG is the most recommended image file type that stay-up. This is because of the quality that it provides in images. Don’t fret, whenever you require to convert JPG to PNG online, then an online JPG to PNG converter is always your best companion for particular conversion needs.

Add Alt Text:

Alt-text is also named as alt tag, it is referred to as an image description that is added in the event that your uses can’t view your image due to some reason. This might be taken place when your site visitor has some visual impairments or just if the images are turned off on their smart device.

You ought to add alt tag to your images as it ensures accessibility and even clarity for all of your audiences. By doing so, you can easily communicate all of your information effectively, even if users can’t see your graphics.

No matter whether you are using JPG, BMP, or any other image format, the Alt-txt makes sense for each. And if your client preferred PNG file type and you already designed their images in JPG, then an online JPG to PNG converter helps you to save JPG as PNG online.


Nowadays, Google gets smarter and smarter day by day to provide the best search-related outcomes. They consistently update their algorithms to simply ensures that they are providing their users exactly what they need. So, simply follow these above-mentioned tips to optimize your images for SEO to boost your website rankings. Good Luck!

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