Select Top Social Media Website to Increase Online Earning. Professionally, we try to spend our valuable time for earn money online. We can earn from online but it’s not possible without social media. I have an example that I have a shop and I need to earn money by selling my products to the customers. If I can’t arrange customers then my products wouldn’t sell and If I can’t sell my product then I can’t earn money. Come to the next point. I have customers but selling activity is low. I can earn money but my earning is not much. So what I have to do? Yes, I need to do that what my customers want more, what type of products running on the market. So everything is quelled => Increase Earn Money. Even I can earn money of my shop if I can serve good products on the market.

Top Social Media Website to Increase Online Earning

Actually, this is one of the example part of increase earn money online. So in the field of the shop, we have to exploit such strategy. Online has the same strategy, but you have to follow the different customers. You cannot find your general customer in online. As a result, I want to show you top social media website to increase online earning.

First Stage is Twitter

Introduction: Twitter is a news and social networking online platform. In the section users like to tweet, retweet, love others tweet and more. It was established on March 2006. San Francisco, California of United States is a native place or headquarters of Twitter. Jack Dorsey is a founder & CEO of twitter.

Twitter As a social networking Platform: Most of the European countries people like to use twitter more. All the update news will be founded on twitter. All of the biggest company has an official twitter account. As far I know that various company’s account has up to 85M+, 50M+ 999K and 550K followers. Have a question that how they able to collect such followers? Actually, if you want to earn more than you have to spend more. They were in the position where you stay now. So I want to say at first, do not make a mistake for advertising your content on twitter. Without proper twitter follower, if you try to advertising you content it’s called a mistake first. You have to build your followers first then try to make another thing. However, you can follow another article about how to Increase twitter follower activity every day.

At the working moments, you have to think about your competitor followers. If you have only 5K twitter followers but your competitor has 20K then what you have to do? Yes, you have to work hard to reach your competitor’s followers. As a company and official twitter business account, you should build followers up to 50K. This is the best things to build your social network as well as you will able to Increase your Online Earning. You can think more about that after you have reached 50K followers.

Top Social Media Website to Increase Online earning

Top Social Media Website – Twitter

It will be helpful to do in blogging, affiliate, advertising products and etc. So as far you can, try to promote your official twitter account to get more followers. It will helpful for increasing your online earning and online rank more. After all, you can select twitter first as a top social media website to increase online earning.

Second Stage is Facebook

Introduction: Facebook is an online social networking platform. In this section, peoples’ like to chat, like, comment, share their friend’s photos, status and opinions. It’s easy to use so that people like to use it more. This is the most popular social media website in the world. It was established on February 2004. Menlo Park, California of United State is a native place or headquarters of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is a founder & CEO of Facebook.

Top Social Media Website

Top Social Media Website-Facebook

Facebook As a Social Networking Platform: We are related to Facebook initially. Someone doesn’t know anything without Facebook. The various company came on Facebook to earn money more. So how it’s possible? Actually, money will be calculated by peoples, followers, visitors, and users. In the Facebook has so many privileges to build your company’s network. You can create a Facebook profile, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Facebook event. Facebook Page and Group is our obligatory sectors even without these two sectors, your company will not get more popularity by the peoples. There have an option to promote your page. If you can able to collect 50K page like on your company’s page, you will able to earn money online from the various section. It will help to promote your company better than before. Keep in mind that if you are not able to collect page like, you have to stay in online ranking down. So after following the twitter rules, you should follow the Facebook roles to build your social networking.

As my recommendation, your second stage is boosting your products and promote your Facebook page on the meantime as you can. But don’t lose your activity from Facebook. If you have a dream then you should try to establish as yourself. Always run with your competitor page like so that you will able to get more page like on your official Facebook page. So now you have completed two steps once is twitter with 50K and another is Facebook with 50K. You have collected total 100K that means 10 Million followers just for working in two social media website. Now go ahead and acquire more tips to select top social media website to increase online earning. Keep in mind that Facebook is one of the top social media websites to increase online earning.

Third Stage is Google Plus

Introduction: Google Plus is the best social networking website. This is the best qualifier product of Google even also the best part of Google. In this Google plus place, people like to share their business part, website article, entertainment part, share even or build communication with others. It was established on 28, June 2011. Larry Page and Sergey Brin is the Co-founder of Google plus. This is the link for Google plus official website. Mountain View, California of United State is a headquarters of Google Plus.

Top Social Media Website-Twitter

Top Social Media Website-Twitter

Google Plus As a Social Networking Platform: Actually, we created a Gmail account as a default as well as Google provides us Google plus account as default. Google try to identify what the products people using from Google. The most of the times we saw in our Google plus account have many sections to increase our business activity. Profile, Collection, Communities page, an even business page is the best part of Google plus page. In a profile, you can build your network and followers easily. In the collection page, you can adds members, create a collection that you want too. Also, create communities page to build your network as well as request and invite your follower to add many users to your communities page. It better for activities users.

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Basically, Google plus is not easy at all to collect people easily. So for these case, you can hire a worker to collect follower for your page. For hiring people, you can follow Freelancer & Up work. I hope, you have to spend some money to get follower on your Google plus page. You should collect up to 50K. After collected 50K follower, you can be advertising your product or others thing as you can so far. It would be the best part for you to increase online earning. After all, you able to collect 150K followers from three social media platform. Twitter, Facebook, Google plus is the top 3 Social Media Website to increase your online earning more.

Fourth Stage is LinkedIn

Do you know what LinkedIn is? How does it work? Yes in this section, I going to show my proficiency from LinkedIn. I already declared that LinkedIn is the fourth part of the best social media website. So lets me show more about LinkedIn.

Introduction: LinkedIn is a social networking website. It also the best part of employee orientation. Basically, the top popular business page would be founded on the LinkedIn page. It was established in 2002. Jeff Weiner is the chief executive officer (CEO) of LinkedIn. Sunnyvale, California of United State is a headquarters of LinkedIn.

Top Social Media Website - LinkedIn

Top Social Media Website – LinkedIn

Before using the LinkedIn social media website, you have to setup the profile strongly. It’s helpful for finding your targeted job. You can also like, comment, share your friend’s post, news, article etc. This is one of the best parts of increasing online activity. People find their job by following their supported company’s page. So what you have to do in LinkedIn? Previously, I calculated that Followers = Money. Your target has to stay for acquiring 50K followers first. It’s will not be acquired easily. Follow some relevant place that how to get follower on LinkedIn. There have so many different strategies for getting followers on the LinkedIn page.

In this section also you can create a Business page. It will help to collect followers by hire people to add their followers on your Official LinkedIn page. You don’t need to follow others thinks and don’t try to get follower shortly. As a result, you will appear as a spam user of LinkedIn and LinkedIn will disable your account forever. So take an alertness for using LinkedIn. However, previously you have collected 150K follower just for 3 social media website. Now, you have to add LinkedIn page. It also for getting 50K followers so that you would be able to collect total 200K follower just for fourth social media website. 200K follower means 20 Million followers.

You should think more without these. If you thing that you can collect 200K followers only for one social media platform. It will not be appropriate for getting rank in online. On the other hand, if you think that you can follow more than fourth social media platform. It also will not be appropriate. For the first stage, you have to think only these fourth platform and try to work hard for these fourth platforms. After collected first stage followers, you can think more. So I hope, this information will be appropriate for you to increase your online earning more.

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End Part of Top Social Media Website to Increase Online Earning

It was my thing that calculated my mind to work only on the fourth platform. I also try to collect followers on my official page. I try to follow these formulae in my life. I hope I will succeed. At the present time of my work, I already got the benefit of my work so that I want to share my Idea with others. I hope, it would be helpful for you to get the proper idea. After all, you have to select these top social media website to Increase online earning. Otherwise, if you have any question about my idea, you can share with me. Share idea is the best part for acquiring knowledge. So you can comment below about your thing. After all, thank you so much for spending your valuable time on this page.